Shipping And Returns

This policy is to highlight and detail the legal responsibility and agreement made to our customers. Huxley Europe Limited operate in a fair, unbiased and non-discriminatory manner at all times. 


Huxley Europe Limited provide several different shipping options as we provide our goods internationally as well as throughout the United Kingdom. 

Where possible, we try to always use the same partners and distributers to ensure our high standards of delivery. Please note that we use courier services as well as The Royal Mail to ship our goods to our customers that have placed an order.

Returns and Refunds 

You can return or exchange unwanted items up to 28 days after purchase. Items must:

  • Be unused and in their original condition (including all labels and tags intact)
  • Not contain personal data or have been manufacturer-registered (for phones, tablets, computers, etc)
  • Have proof of purchase such as receipt or delivery note

We understand that there is sometimes unmitigated circumstances that can arise that can ultimately cause the need for a return / refund. In those instances, you are best to speak to our customer services team via email ( or call our team during the hours of 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday. 

Shipping and Returns Complaints 

Any complaint made about the condition you received your goods in will be reviewed on an individual basis and where needed investigated further so as to determine; where fault lies, who is responsible and whether or not a refund is due or required, as we do not accept responsibility for circumstances that are out of our control. 

If you wish to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. 

Thank you.