LPL 63.4 Bath Additive and Emollient is a fragrance free emollient bath additive that when added to a bath full of water forms a fine milky emulsion. It is ideal for bathing and cleansing but contains no soap. LPL 63.4 bath additive and emollient leaves an emollient film layer over the entire immersed section of skin that is non greasy but reduces the loss of moisture especially from dry skin.

LPL 63.4 is the lowest cost bath emollient now available in the UK and can offer significant savings to both health care providers and consumers that require emollient bath additives.

LPL 63.4 bath additive and emollient is suitable for use as part of complete emollient therapy. Complete emollient therapy is the complete removal of all soap and detergents from a persons normal hygiene routine, and the replacement with emollient products such as creams, ointments, emollient washes, emollient bath additives and barrier preparations or devices.

Emollients are products that provide oily layers on top of the skin to reduce moisture loss. The oily layers can be composed of natural fats from animals or plants, mineral oils or synthetic oils and polymers.

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