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HuxD3 is a high strength vitamin d (colecalciferol) food supplement. It is free from common allergens and is compliant with halal diet requirements. The ingredients are suitable for vegetarian diets and the vitamin d is sourced from wool .

The colecalciferol raw material is also certified halal and kosher. The capsule shell is vegetarian made from botanical sourced ingredients, found commonly in everyday foods.

HuxD3 is gluten free, alcohol free, preservative free, yeast free, gelatine free, soya, peanut and nut oil free.

The ingredients are: Vitamin D3, corn oil, sunflower seed oil and vegetarian capsule shell.

HuxD3 is available only in 3200 iu and 20,000 iu strengths.

All HuxD3 branded products are certified Kosher and Halal . HuxD3 is also approved by the Vegetarian Society

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